Right-Sizing Your Life-The Benefits and Challenges of Downsizing as a Senior

Right-Sizing Your Life: The Benefits and Challenges of Downsizing as a Senior

Are you ready to simplify your life and enjoy the benefits of downsizing as a senior? Downsizing has become increasingly popular among older adults looking to free up time, reduce expenses, and declutter their living spaces. In this article, we will explore the many advantages that come with right-sizing your life, along with the challenges you may face during the process.

Whether you are an empty nester, retiring, or simply looking to live a more minimalist lifestyle, downsizing can offer a range of benefits. From financial savings and lower maintenance costs to the opportunity for a fresh start and increased …

Colorado wildfire insurance

Effective Strategies to Combat Wildfire Risk and Protect Your Home

Recommendations For Combating Wildfire Risk And Damage

Constructing a defensible space around your home is another way to take action regarding reducing wildfire risk and damage. A defensible space is defined as the area around your home that is clear of flammable debris such as dry leaves, twigs, and grass.

In addition to removing flammable debris, creating a defensible space also means mitigating dead vegetation and eradicating combustible materials like firewood or propane tanks. It’s best to maintain a distance of at least 30 feet between your home and anything combustible. Another method to keep in mind is consistently mowing and …

wildfire insurance

Wildfire Insurance: Cost, Mitigation, and Eliminating Roof Debris

Decrease Wildfire Danger And Destruction By Removing Roof Debris Colorado-Eliminate-Debris

Those who live in areas of Colorado that are susceptible to wildfires are encouraged to take necessary action to protect their homes from possible damage through wildfire insurance. Since roof debris is a wildfire risk, removing it is usually one of the most effective methods of keeping homes safe.

Here are ways to eliminate roof debris and diminish wildfire risk and damage:

Make sure the roof and gutters are cleaned on a consistent basis. Trim trees and bushes that surround your home. Be sure that gutter guards are installed. Choose fire-resistant roofing materials…
self employment tax time

Tax Filing Checklist

Tax season is around the corner! To save time and money, and alleviate stress caused by this time of year, refer to this checklist of five items to keep in mind while filing your taxes.

1) Confirm The Basics

Making mistakes on basic information while working on tax documents can happen to anyone. Be sure that everything, including your name and the names of your dependents, is spelled correctly. Also, check that all social security numbers are accurate.

2) Report Your Income Correctly

Take your time and make sure that all wages, dividends, bank interest, and other income you received are …

insurance choice

Good and Bad Choices

From birthday presents to business choices, not all decisions are good decisions. We all make bad choices, your insurance agent doesn’t have to be one of them. Make the choice you won’t regret. 

Call Insurance Town & Country… we know our clients by name.  303–388-7216

Business Owner Credit

4 Step Credit Building Plan for Business Owners

Almost every business owner (who is still in business) has experienced the opportunity to grow… alongside the need to borrow. This is the point our credit comes into play. Here are a few ideas for a business owner to build up their personal credit, in order to create then grow your business’ credit. 

Your Credit can communicate Your Worth in today’s business world

For any legal advice, please consult your attorney. For any tax advice, please consult your tax professional. This article is about your credit, and if you’re not already working to improve it, and own a business, you …

Heavy snowfall, ice storms, and… tips to be safe

If your clients have been impacted by this weather, here are some tips you can share to help them stay safe and protect their property:

Stay alert. Continue to monitor local radio stations and media outlets for the latest updates on power outages, water/health advisories, and other important announcements.Use flashlights, not candles. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Use flashlights instead of candles, which can get knocked over and increases the risk of fire.Store water for you and your family. Each day, store at least one gallon of water in containers or the bathtub for each person in your…

5 Part Fall Prep Guide (Building Wear & Tear Inspection):


- Plants: Trim away any trees or bushes which are in contact with the structure.

- Windows & Doors: physically look at the caulking does not have holes or cracks. The caulking is squishy stuff that connects the door or window to the wall on the outside of a building.

- Garage & Warehouse doors: take a look at the hinges, and confirm that they are securely attached to the door. Test the auto-stop mechanisms. Many garage door openers use an electronic eye to automatically reverse the garage door if an obstruction is in the way. Many …


Coverages offered:

Accident and Illness Plan:

IllnessTests and X‑raysHospital staysEar and eye problemsPrescribed drugsPrescription pet foodHereditary conditions (inherited from your parents)Ligament and hip dysplasia (12 month waiting period)Death benefitsAnd more…

Wellness Plan:

Vet exam feesDental cleaningTick and flea preventionHeartworm testingAnnual wellness examsVitamins and other supplementsPrescribed therapy and behavioral trainingVaccinationsSpaying/neutering Coverage Limits: Up to 100% coverage of vet bills Admitted/Non-Admitted: Admitted Additional Program Highlights: No breeds are excludedFlexible premium options to fit your budget, including 0% co-pay optionPick your own licensed vetFast and Easy claims resolution Appetite:

All breeds of dogs and cats.

Types of risks: Accident and IllnessWellness Ineligible risks: Other petsPuppies and Kittens less…
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