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Coverages offered:

Accident and Illness Plan:

  • Illness
  • Tests and X‑rays
  • Hospital stays
  • Ear and eye problems
  • Prescribed drugs
  • Prescription pet food
  • Hereditary conditions (inherited from your parents)
  • Ligament and hip dysplasia (12 month waiting period)
  • Death benefits
  • And more…

Wellness Plan:

  • Vet exam fees
  • Dental cleaning
  • Tick and flea prevention
  • Heartworm testing
  • Annual wellness exams
  • Vitamins and other supplements
  • Prescribed therapy and behavioral training
  • Vaccinations
  • Spaying/neutering

Coverage Limits:

  • Up to 100% coverage of vet bills


  • Admitted

Additional Program Highlights:

  • No breeds are excluded
  • Flexible premium options to fit your budget, including 0% co-pay option
  • Pick your own licensed vet
  • Fast and Easy claims resolution


All breeds of dogs and cats.

Types of risks:

  • Accident and Illness
  • Wellness

Ineligible risks:

  • Other pets
  • Puppies and Kittens less than 8 weeks old
  • Pets owned for commercial reasons (ex: racing, breeding, law enforcement, dog fighting)
  • Pre-existing conditions, but no one covers them


  • Nationwide

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    Insurance Personal Travel Insurance

    Winterize Your Insurance

    Winterize Your Insurance

    While our warm fall weather doesn’t make it seem real, winter is just around the corner. With winter, comes winter weather — ice, snow, and the inevitable cold air that can bring a bite to the holidays. Living in Colorado brings several options on how to handle the cold. You can either huddle up by the fireplace with some hot cocoa or bundle up in your best winter gear and brave one of the various outdoor adventures Colorado offers.

    Winter Activities are here.

    Regardless of your chosen winter activities, now is a good time to re-evaluate your current insurance policies to be certain that you, your home and your belongings are protected during these cold months.

    Homeowners Insurance & Liability Coverage. Whether its heavy snow fall, frozen pipes, or slippery sidewalks – winter is bound to deliver unpredictable weather that can lead to accidents and mishaps. Talk with your insurance agent today to be certain that the policies you have in place will protect your home and the guests you welcome into it.

    Recreational Vehicle Insurance. Time to stow away the boat and dust off the snowmobile. Typically, both of these vehicles are not covered under standard home and auto insurance. If your current policy does not extend to recreational vehicles, it is important to secure additional coverage. If you’re tempted to cancel the boat insurance for the winter, you may want to think again. Any threats of theft, damage or repairs still exist during the off-season, and you’ll be sure to want your insurance coverage if those threats become a reality.

    Fire Insurance. While most homeowners insurance will provide coverage for your home and belongings in the event of a fire, it is a good idea to know exactly how much coverage your policy provides and what coverage it doesn’t. You don’t want a cozy night around the fire to turn into a homeowner’s nightmare.

    avoid the teen driving drama

    Call Insurance Town & Country today and speak with one of our insurance professionals. We can discuss the needs of your teenage drivers and which insurance policies are best for them. We have offices in Denver (303–388-7216) and Castle Rock (303–688-1251). Call us today to schedule your consultation!

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      Protect Your Rental

      Protect Your Rental

      When you own a home, you protect your property and belongings with homeowners insurance. But what if you rent the space you reside in? Is it still not your home? Do you not want your property and belongings still protected? Renters insurance is a good way to ensure that your place of residence (even if temporary) and the items within it are covered in the case of unexpected damage and mishaps.

      Depending on your insurance agency and the current insurance policies you already have in place, you may be able to include renters insurance as an add-on. By bundling it with a car insurance policy, you may qualify for an extra discount.

      Why Renters Insurance?

      As with every home — owned or rented — accidents can happen at any time. Having the right renters insurance can protect your abode and everything in it. Purchasing renters insurance will help to protect and cover the follow items:

      Personal Belongings & Household Items. Your home isn’t just the walls and roof that protect you; it’s the item inside as well. Clothes, furniture, electronics, and personal mementos are all items that renters insurance will help to protect. Policies vary, but generally you are reimbursed for the full value of the item, before depreciation.

      Houseguests and Loved Ones. Aside from yourself, renters insurance works to protect anyone staying in your home at the time of the accident. If people are hurt or damage is done, your renters insurance policy may cover portions of medical bills and repair. Your insurance will also bring peace of mind during this time.

      Extended Stay Costs. If your home is rendered uninhabitable, due to a covered cause of loss, your renters insurance will cover the cost of a hotel. While any damage is being repaired, lodging and the cost of meals can be covered under your policy.

      protect your rental Just because you don’t own it, doesn’t mean it’s not yours! Protect your home and belongings with renters insurance. Call Insurance Town & Country today and speak with one of our insurance professionals. We will discuss your current living situation and help to assess your homeowners or rental insurance needs. We have offices in Denver (303–388-7216) and Castle Rock (303–688-1251). Call us today to schedule your consultation!

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        Take Care of Your Toys

        Commercial Insurance For Your Big Toys

        No longer are the days of tricycles and scooters. You are a grown-up. Your toys are much bigger now.

        ATVs, snowmobiles, golf carts, personal water vessels. Whatever your extracurricularToys vehicle of choice is, it is important to make
        sure you have the proper coverage for it. Unless you have a separate garage with lock and key for your big-kid toy, you run a higher risk of damage or even theft. Having commercial insurance will ensure that your weekends of boating or off-road won’t be ruined.

        With specialized ‘toy’ commercial insurance, you and your motor vehicle of choice may be covered regardless of your location. If you bundle it with your homeowners insurance, you could end up facing costly repair bills should an accident occur away from home. Having a stand-alone, specialized policy will provide coverage beyond the basics and ensure you don’t get caught paying out of pocket for things like towing or accessory theft.

        No one wants to have their toys broken or taken away from them, so remember: if you can’t afford to insure them, you probably can’t afford to have them!

        Call Insurance Town & Country today and speak with one of our insurance professionals. We can help you determine what kind of coverage and services you need to keep your toys intact!We have offices in Denver (303–388-7216) and Castle Rock (303–688-1251).  Call us today to schedule your consultation!

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          Car Rental 101

          We’ve all been there. Standing at the counter, keys in hand, ready to sign off on your rental car and begin the next leg of your journey, but then you hear it…

          Would you like to purchase insurance with your rental car today?”

          How do you respond? Do you absolutely need the insurance? What’s the worst that could happen? Here are a few quick tips to help you through this decision.

          • Check with Insurance Town & Country before you leave for your trip. Your current automotive insurance might already have you covered through your liability and physical damage coverage. Save time, money and the hassle of determining whether or not you need the additional coverage.
          • Ask your credit card company. Depending on the credit card you have, you might have free rental insurance included. Situations vary, but it can’t hurt to ask!
          • If you do decide to purchase the insurance offered, be sure you know what is covered. Keep a copy of your paperwork handy, and make a point of reading the fine print. Purchasing the insurance without knowing the coverage is just as bad as needing the rental insurance and not having it.

          Follow these few steps, and be confident the next time you are at the rental car counter.

          Call Insurance Town & Country today and speak with one of our insurance professionals. Let us help you chose the auto insurance that suits your vehicle, new or used! We have offices in Denver (303–388-7216) and Castle Rock (303–688-1251).  Call us today to schedule your consultation!

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