Save money on business insurance — A resolution worth keeping

Did you already break your New Year’s resolutions?

Insurance Town and Country can help you keep that resolution about saving money in 2015. As an independent insurance agency, our business insurance rates are very competitive because we shop all of our carriers to verify you have a policy for your business at the right price.

Now is the time to take action and request a business insurance check-up. We will review your Commercial Property Insurance, General Liability, BOP, Commercial Umbrella Insurance, Workman’s Comp and Commercial Auto Insurance policies and assess whether or not your coverages are correct for the current state of your business in 2015.

All you have to do is give is a call at 303–388-7216, or click on our free quote option and then figure out what you will spend all your savings on this year.

Now that’s a resolution you can keep!NY Resolution


We Are Thankful For The Trust Our Clients Put In Us!

Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years – three great seasons to enjoy with friends and family. At Insurance Town and Country we are thankful for the trust our clients put in us every year to make sure their business and personal insurance policies are covering areas of risk and protecting what matters most.

If your holiday celebrations involve alcohol please do not take any chances and never drive while under the influence. We work hard to provide our customers with the best commercial auto insurance and personal auto insurance rates but DUIs can have a substantial negative impact on rates in addition to the harm that can occur to yourself and others.

Many of our customers take advantage of their time off by preparing for next year with an insurance check-up. Our staff is happy to assist you in this process. We will take a look at all of your business insurance coverages, general liability policies, commercial property insurance and your business owners policy to make sure your business assets are adequately covered.

After all that Christmas shopping, it’s also wise to look into identity theft insurance. A quick review of your home insurance policy, flood insurance requirements as well as health insurance and life insurance coverages can start your new year off with real peace of mind. We hope your 2015 is full of love and success!

Call us for a free policy review or a new quite for service today at 303–388-7216.

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Start 2015 with an accurate and up to date policy!

The end of the year is quickly approaching! While you are enjoying family and friends and the things that really matter in life, also take a few minutes to review your business insurance coverages.

checkboxBusiness Insurance and General Liability policies need to be updated and adjusted periodically. You could even save some money in 2015 with lower rates. Changes within your business regarding employees, service areas, buildings and commercial vehicles need to be reviewed and brought up to date so that your coverage matches your actual needs.

Start 2015 with an accurate and up to date policy that protects you from the many unexpected events that can negatively impact a great business. Call us for a free policy review or a new quite for service today at 303–388-7216.  We will do all the work for you and you can check another item off your end of year list.


Are You Properly Insured for Your Fall & Winter Activities?

Fall is here and the Holiday season is upon us.

It’s a time for family, friends, food and fun, and one of the great things about living here in Colorado is the wide range of high quality outdoor activities that can be enjoyed with your family and friends during the fall and winter seasons. Whether you enjoy snowmobiling, skiing, 4 wheeling, taking your recreational vehicle on vacation, or simply driving up to the mountains to play in the snow with family and friends, it is a good time to check on your insurance coverage to make sure that you are properly covered.

There is nothing like having the peace of mind knowing that you and your family are safe and secure no matter where you are, or what you are doing recreationally. We offer a wider range of coverage for all of your recreational vehicles, activities and individual circumstances, so please check to make sure that you have the right type and amount of insurance coverage for your lifestyle and passions to help ensure that this will be a happy and safe holiday season for you and your family.


What is “Bailee Coverage”? Do I need it?

Bailee Coverage is a type of insurance specifically meant to cover a business in case property left in their care is lost or damaged.

This type of insurance is crucial for a business such a dry cleaners or a jeweler. Bailee Coverage is part of a coverage known as Inland Marine Insurance. This type of insurance began originally as Marine Insurance, covering items being transported via ship.

Bailee Coverage is related to “Bailment” which is the term used to describe an object that has been passed from the owner – the “bailor” – to a business or individual “the bailee.” That property then becomes the responsibility of the Bailee and that person or business is then liable for any damage or loss of this property.

If your business is one that accepts responsibility for the property of a customer, it is crucial for you to ensure you’re protected if anything goes wrong. While it’s obviously never your intention to damage or lose the property that has been entrusted to your business, accidents happen. At Insurance Town & Country our insurance experts are well versed in the best insurance plans to help protect your business and make sure if something happens to a customer’s property they’re fairly compensated. Call us today at 303–388-7216 and speak with one of our experts to discuss which Bailee insurance plan is best for you and your business!


Should I Have Workers Compensation Coverage?

It is a state law — If you have employees, you must have Workers Compensation coverage.

No business owner wants to see an employee injured on the job. It can be nerve-wracking to consider the possibility. Unfortunately, failure to do so may result in an injured employee having to sue your business, or even you, to cover the damages that come from an on-the-job accident.

Workers Compensation coverage offers you and your employee a way to help cover wages lost, medical bills, disability settlement due to injury, and a death benefit. In 2012 alone nearly three million non-fatal injuries at the workplace were reported, according to BLS. Even if your business is not one of the most common culprits for injuries, such as construction, you still run the risk of an employee being hurt.

Call Insurance Town & Country today at 303–388-7216 and speak with one of our representatives to find out if Workers Compensation insurance will benefit your company and your employees!


Why Should I Get Crime Insurance?

As a business owner you hire only people you think you can trust.

Unfortunately, our first impression of a new employee may not always fit the reality of the situation. The best thing you can do to protect yourself and your business is to insure yourself against a possible tragedy such as crime. Many business owners think to insure about what can happen from without – fire, flooding – but fail to prepare from damage from within.

Crime Insurance is a type of insurance that can be tailored to your needs as a business, and is meant to help protect you from burglary, theft of business property, and employee forgery. Its most valuable purpose is to help protect your business against employee dishonesty. Embezzlement is a very real concern, and a clever employee may be able to skim for some time before you notice a discrepancy. Your commercial policy may not cover everything on its own. Crime insurance can help cover the difference.

Call Insurance Town & Country today at 303–388-7216 and speak with one of our experts to find out if this type of insurance will help protect you and your business, and to discuss how to add it to your policy!


How Does General Liability Insurance Work?

As a new business owner, you’ve likely already heard that you need general liability insurance. What you may not know is what this type of insurance is, and how it helps to protect you. Why should you purchase general liability insurance for your business?

What is General Liability Insurance?

Commercial General Business Liability Insurance, or just “Liability Insurance” protects a company’s assets and pays for any obligations, including medical costs, if someone is injured on your property. It also covers any damage or injuries that you or your employees may cause. This insurance also helps cover the cost of any litigation and settlements. Typically your Liability Insurance will cover compensatory and punitive damages as well as any non-monetary losses suffered by the injured party.

This type of insurance will also protect you as a tenant if you should cause any damage to a property that you rent in a covered manner, such as through fire or flooding. Finally, any claims of false advertising, slander, copyright infringement, and other such charges can be covered by General Liability Insurance.

Why Does My Business Need General Liability Insurance?

Given the litigious society we live in today, even if you don’t think there’s a strong possibility that your business will end up facing a claim, getting insurance is still a wise investment that doesn’t require a large investment on your part – generally premiums start at $750 annually, depending on your coverage needs. That number is significantly lower than the thousands, or even millions, that your case may end up costing if it goes to court.

General Liability Insurance is available on its own, but can also be included as a part of a “BOP” or “Business Owner’s Policy” which bundles liability and property insurance into one policy. If you have a “BOP,” check it to see what your liability coverage limit is. If your insurance limit is too low, you can also look into a Commercial Umbrella Policy which has limits starting at $1,000,000.

What General Liability Policy Do I Need?

Your liability policy will vary depending on the type of business you are in, and the risk that is associates with that industry. A building contractor will need substantially more insurance than a web designer. Your location is another important factor – some states award more significant damages to plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits than others. You should always make sure you speak to a licensed insurance broker for advice before you rush out and purchase a policy.

If your business falls into a lower risk category, you may choose to purchase a “BOP,” as it combines General Liability and Property Insurance policies together at a cost effective rate.

How Do General Liability Plan Work?

Each General Liability policy will be different, but each will outline the maximum amount that your policy will pay. As an example, if your small business is sued $150,000 for medical expenses related to a workplace injury, with an additional $150,000 in legal fees, but your coverage limit is $200,000, the additional $100,000 will be an out of pocket expense.

If you are in an industry with a higher risk and already have the highest General Liability insurance, you may wish to opt for excess insurance, or umbrella insurance, which increases your coverage limits. This will cover you in a situation such as the one above where the cost of losing a claim filed against you would be astronomical.

Ensure you’ve done your industry research before you invest in a policy. Sometimes a client contract may require that you have a specific type of plan to work on their behalf; if your business involves contract construction you may need to add your client to your insurance policy for the duration of the project.

How Do I File a Claim?

If an incident does take place, you will need to alert your insurance company or agent immediately. Be ready to provide all of the details, such as a time, a date, and any other pertinent information such as the names of witnesses that may speak on your behalf.

Do I Need Other Types of Insurance?

Depending on the nature of your business, you may need automotive insurance, alcohol liability insurance, product liability insurance, pollution insurance, and many more possible insurance policies. Give Insurance Town & Country a call today at 303–388-7216 for Denver or 303–688-1251 for Castle Rock and schedule your free consultation to discuss your options!