Commercial Insurance Insurance

Why Is Commercial Insurance Important For Your Business?

Every business needs commercial insurance to protect you and the business from random accidents, lawsuits and more. The truth is, you never know what might happen.

Take the worry away and invest in the right commercial insurance. When something does happen, you’ll be prepared. Still not convinced? See why insurance is the perfect business partner.

Accidents Can Happen Anywhere

Can you guarantee that no one will slip coming up your walkway or trip over a cable inside your business? With snow and ice during the winter in Denver, accidents are a real possibility. What happens when someone gets hurt? Odds are, you don’t have enough money on hand to pay for medical bills.

This is where commercial insurance can help. You don’t know when someone might get hurt on your premises. With insurance, your business covers the medical expenses instead of you having to pay out of pocket. You want to see your customers as customers, not as accidents waiting to happen.

Disasters Strike When You Least Expect It

While it may never happen to you and we truly wish it never does, disasters can and do happen when you least expect them. Are you prepared to drive up to your business one morning to see the door or window smashed and your merchandise stolen? What about a fire or a busted water pipe that’s flooded your floors? You’re suddenly facing thousands of dollars in expenses.

These aren’t costs you can easily cover. Your business insurance swoops in and becomes a welcome partner in helping you cover your losses and get your business back open as quickly as possible.

One Incident Could Ruin Your Business

All it takes is one irate customer to ruin your business. Over 100 million lawsuits are filed every year in the United States. If a case goes to court, a liability case could cost you around $54,000. Small businesses don’t exactly have tens of thousands of dollar in disposable income lying around. It would be great if you did though, right?

All it takes is a single major incident to go from running a successful business and closing your doors. With the right commercial insurance, you don’t have to worry at all. You can be protected in the event of a lawsuit and drastically minimize any cost to you.

Others Might Not Have Insurance

So what happens if someone else causes damage to your business property? In an ideal world, the other person would be able to pay for damages, either out of pocket or with insurance of their own. Sadly, we don’t live in an ideal world. For instance, what if someone happens to push the gas pedal versus the brake and rams into your business? If they’re uninsured, you could be looking at an expensive repair bill.

With business insurance, you’re covered in the event that someone else damages your property. Whether it’s on purpose or by accident, you can rest assured that you won’t have to stress to figure out how to pay for the damage yourself.

Expect The Unexpected

Business owners have to wear many hats and one of those is psychic, at least to an extent. You may not know what will happen tomorrow, but you can expect the unexpected by talking to your local Denver business insurance agent about getting the coverage you need to always be prepared. Not sure what you need? Forbes actually recommends 13 different types of insurance for small businesses, but the right policy covers multiple types in one umbrella policy.

Don’t wait for the worst to happen to the business you’ve worked so hard for. Contact Insurance Town & Country today to talk to one of our friendly insurance professionals. We’ll be happy to discuss your business needs. Contact our Denver office at 303–388-7216 or our Castle Rock office at 303–688-1251. We look forward to hearing from you.