This Thanksgiving be Thankful for Great Insurance

As you join your family and friends around the dinner table this Thanksgiving and give thanks for all you have, we want you to feel safe knowing that your belongings and loved ones are protected. The holidays are packed with love and excitement, but they can sometimes lead to a number of insurance claims. Below we have described some of the most common holiday insurance claims and linked to more information about the policies that we provide which protect against those kinds of claims. We hope that you don’t need to make a claim with us this holiday season, but we’re always glad to know that you are protected if you do. Contact us at either of our locations listed below if you have any questions regarding any new or existing policies.

Auto Insurance Claims: Worsening weather, darker evenings, and holiday stress lead to a lot of automobile collisions. Whether you hit an ice patch in the road or get struck by a drunk driver, a good auto insurance policy can help get you back on the road without taking presents from under the tree.

Health Insurance & Life Insurance: As we mentioned in Auto Insurance Claims, a lot of people experience holiday stress. This could come from the anxiety of hosting Thanksgiving Dinner for your family, exhaustion from working a seasonal part-time job, or even the depression of not being able to make it home to see your loved ones. In any case, this increased stress can lead to serious medical issues that require hospitalization and in some cases result in death. We offer Health and Life Insurance Policies that can help keep your family protected from possible bankruptcy due to a head-of-household illness or death.

Homeowner’s Insurance: Big meals and exuberant decorations, both of these are fire risks. Deep fryer fires, Christmas tree fires, or knocking over the Menorah, our traditions can leave our homes in an unfavorable position during the late months of the year. Additionally, strong winds, extreme cold, and other severe weather can do a lot of damage to your house. Finally, if you are travelling for the holidays your house is at risk for burglary and theft, without sufficient Personal Property Insurance you may be left out in the cold if your presents end up under someone else’s tree.


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