Group Health Insurance: The Perfect Gift for Your Employees

The holiday season also means that it’s flu season. High stress, cold weather, and family gatherings make a perfect storm of germs attacking the weakened immune systems of your employees. If you’re employees are sick, it’s best that they can afford great care and stay out of the office while they are on the mend. The next month is prime time for employees to start requesting additional hours, working overtime, and coming in when they should probably just stay home so that they can save up for Christmas gifts. While your workers have good intentions when this happens, it will likely lead to less productive employees and consequently worse customer service and a lower bottom line.

We recommend providing employees with great health insurance options. If your workforce isn’t afraid that getting the necessary medical care and prescriptions will be too expensive, they will be more willing to seek out treatments and preventive care that will keep them healthy, productive, and present at work. Contact us at either of our locations below to discuss your current insurance policies, your company size and the level of care you want to provide. Our Commercial Insurance Specialists will work with you to find a plan that fulfills your needs and fits your budget; after all, an investment in your workforce truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

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