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Effective Strategies to Combat Wildfire Risk and Protect Your Home

Recommendations For Combating Wildfire Risk And Damage

Constructing a defensible space around your home is another way to take action regarding reducing wildfire risk and damage. A defensible space is defined as the area around your home that is clear of flammable debris such as dry leaves, twigs, and grass.

In addition to removing flammable debris, creating a defensible space also means mitigating dead vegetation and eradicating combustible materials like firewood or propane tanks. It’s best to maintain a distance of at least 30 feet between your home and anything combustible. Another method to keep in mind is consistently mowing and …

wildfire insurance

Wildfire Insurance: Cost, Mitigation, and Eliminating Roof Debris

Decrease Wildfire Danger And Destruction By Removing Roof Debris Colorado-Eliminate-Debris

Those who live in areas of Colorado that are susceptible to wildfires are encouraged to take necessary action to protect their homes from possible damage through wildfire insurance. Since roof debris is a wildfire risk, removing it is usually one of the most effective methods of keeping homes safe.

Here are ways to eliminate roof debris and diminish wildfire risk and damage:

Make sure the roof and gutters are cleaned on a consistent basis. Trim trees and bushes that surround your home. Be sure that gutter guards are installed. Choose fire-resistant roofing materials…
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