Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance: Keeping You Dry

In the case of a catastrophic financial event, Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance could be the best line of defense you’ll ever have.

Sometimes in life things just go wrong. Let’s say that you get into a terrible car accident, you’re hurt, the other person is hurt, and on top of that, they decide to sue you. Your basic insurance policy might not cover all of the damages, the medical expenses, and the legal costs. That’s where personal umbrella liability insurance becomes important.

A personal umbrella liability insurance is a customized additional policy that extends the protection of your basic insurance policies to help when a true financial crisis arises. Additionally, it may cover situations that aren’t covered at all by your basic insurance policy. Umbrella policies are meant to be flexible and match your lifestyle. You may need much more protection, depending on where you live, what you do for work, the size of your family, your hobbies, and the vehicles you drive, whether they are automobiles, boats, ATVs, or an RV. However, your current insurance policy may already provide you with a comfortable amount of coverage.  Either way, it is always a good idea to review your policy and ensure that you will be protected in the case of intense financial liability.

We at Insurance Town and Country make it our mission to see that our clients and their families are provided with ample protection at an affordable rate.  You can learn more about our Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance, click here. If you have recently experienced a change in lifestyle or just want to make sure that there aren’t gaps in your insurance coverage, give us a call at 303–388-7216, shoot us an email at, or request a quote online.