Business Protection with General Liability

Business Protection with General Liability

Owning a business is no small task. Seemingly ordinary day-to-day business operations can lead to a multitude of mishaps and accidents, which ultimately could result in a lawsuit. Protecting yourself and your business from these claims is the primary purpose of general liability insurance.  Having “GL” coverage will help protect your business from claims such as property damage or bodily/personal injury.

It is common to combine general liability insurance with property insurance. As a BOP, this policy has the potential to cover a wide variety of scenarios. GL insurance can be purchased as standalone coverage.  Ask your local insurance agency to determine the best course of action.


Protecting your business means protecting your livelihood. As a small business owner, even the slightest of mishaps could result in a claim being filed that your company is simply not set up to handle. Having general liability is a good way to help protect your business against these types of lawsuits. Carrying GL insurance can offer coverage against liability risks both bodily injury and property damage.

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