4 Ways to Protect Yourself and Your Property in Case of Wildfire


As Colorado enters into wildfire season, it’s important to think about fire safety for your home as well as the importance of having an affordable insurance policy that will cover any potential damages.

RMIIA, insurance partners, and the State of Colorado released a campaign titled “Are You Wildfire Ready?” that began airing June 2013 on CBS4 Denver and KKTV. The aim of this campaign was to help Coloradans protect their finances and their property from the threat of wildfire. Here are some highlights from the campaign you can put into action to protect yourself and your property in case of wildfire.

1) Have an evacuation plan ready

  • Make sure that you and your family have an evacuation plan ready that will allow you to gather your personal belongings and evacuate your home in 15–20 minutes.
  • Plan the fastest escape route from your home as well as a back-up in case of blocked roads or traffic.

2) Create a home inventory

  • Make copies of all important documents and place all of them together in one place. Important documents may include wills, deeds, titles, statements, birth certificates, and passports.
  • Document all your possessions—create a video inventory or catalog everything you own in a booklet.

3) Property mitigation: create defensible space around your property

  • Firefighters need defensible space— otherwise, it is unsafe for them to try and go in to save your home in case of a fire.
  • Call a mitigation expert to help you make sure your property is wildfire ready—if you don’t mitigate, you might not get insured.

4) Review your insurance coverage

  • Do you have enough coverage for a serious claim? Does your policy cover a full replacement cost?
  • Continually contact your agent/company if you make improvements or additions to your home to make sure you aren’t underinsured or to re-evaluate your current home insurance policy.
As we enter into wildfire and severe weather season in Colorado, your personal safety and the safety of your property is of utmost importance. Talk to an Insurance Town & Country specialist today to evaluate your homeowner’s policy and make sure that your property is fully protected in case of wildfire.
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