What is Wedding Insurance and Why Do We Need It?

Weddings are fun and wonderful events, but sometimes they get a little too fun. Don’t let a rowdy guest ruin your honeymoon. Get Wedding Insurance for your big day!

There are two kinds of wedding insurance, Wedding Liability Insurance and Wedding Cancellation Insurance.  Either or both may be required by your chosen wedding venue, but both are very helpful when unforeseen circumstances arise.  Each is explained below, but you should contact an insurance agent with specific questions about either policy type.

Wedding Liability Insurance:

This, like other liability insurance policies, protects you from being held financially responsible for damage or bodily injury caused by/at your wedding and wedding party.  For example, if one of your guests drops and breaks the venue’s glassware on the dance floor and someone cuts their foot on the broken glass, the wedding liability insurance policy would pay for the broken glassware and the medical expenses of the injury up to the predetermined policy amount.

Wedding liability Insurance is also very helpful because it can be bundled with “host liquor liability” which protects against liquor-related accidents.  This combination is recommended to anyone with a bar at their wedding.  It will protect you from financial liability if you are included in a lawsuit involving an alcohol-impaired person, such as a drunk driver.

Wedding Cancellation Insurance:

You may say, “We’d never need that.  We’re definitely getting married;” but unexpected events happen.  A death or illness in the family, delayed flights, or changes at work, including unexpected military deployment, can all throw a monkey wrench in the finely-tuned plans that you’ve made for your wedding ceremony and reception.  Canceling/postponing a wedding has several costs besides the deposit for the wedding venue.  All of your wedding vendors, including the photographer, florist, baker, DJ, officiate might have deposits and reimbursements associated with changing your wedding plans, depending on how close to the event it is canceled.  Your guests also need to be alerted to the change in plans; you need to consider the cost of sending cancelation letters.

Maybe something else happened and the wedding will not be occurring at all; you need to consider the cost of gifts, the wedding dress and other special attire, the cost of the wedding rings and other jewelry, and possibly professional counseling.  The right wedding cancellation insurance policy will help cover most or all of these expenses.  Our Insurance Specialists are trained to help you select a policy that matches your wedding budget.  We always hope that you never need it, but in case you do; we want to make sure that the best day of your life doesn’t become the worst.

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