Taking Care of Car Business

Taking Care of Car Business


Get as many auto repair estimates as possible.

Sometimes true, sometimes false! This one depends on your insurance. Some insurance companies only require that you use an “in-network” auto repair shop. However, if you know you will be paying out of pocket, it won’t hurt to shop around for a good deal.

In a previous blog, we discussed some “TRUE or FALSE” statements that we recommend reviewing when purchasing auto insurance. Since the health of your car plays an important role in automotive insurance and the rates you receive, we thought we would elaborate on the topic of finding a good mechanic.

Whether your insurance requires an “in-network” repair shop, or you have to do your own homework, you want to make sure your mechanic passes the test. Below are some traits to ensure that your auto repair shop is a good choice:

  • Best interest at heart. Does your mechanic or auto technician have a true concern for your car and you? A good repair shop will make sure that all diagnostic tests, repairs, and services are clearly and properly communicated before any work is done. Talking with them in person is a great way to meet their personality and see how they treat you as a customer.
  • Price consideration. We understand that auto repair shops have to pay their own bills, but it shouldn’t be at the extreme expense of you and your vehicle. Any repairs suggested should be directly related to the health and safety of your vehicle. If you feel like you are being pressured or upsold on everything, you might want to take your car somewhere else.
  • A job well-done AND guaranteed. Any good auto repair should be honest with what they are good at…and honest about what they are not good at. A reliable mechanic will communicate with you about all diagnostics and repairs, even if it means suggesting another automotive business.
  • Certified work. While not always required, it is a good idea to check the certifications and trainings of your auto mechanic. These will show whether or not your repair shop is current with continued education and development, and whether or not your vehicle is in good hands.
  • Ways of Taking Care of Car BusinessCall Insurance Town & Country today and speak with one of our insurance professionals. We can help you review your policy as it pertains to the health and safety of your vehicle! We have offices in Denver (303–388-7216) and Castle Rock (303–688-1251). Call us today to schedule your consultation!

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