19 Most Popular Car Insurance Discounts



If you own a car, chances are that you know that car ownership comes with a lot of added costs. Alongside the basics—gas, routine maintenance, repairs—there’s also the added cost of car insurance. While it’s difficult to control the other factors, car insurance rates can be controlled, to some extent, by taking advantage of available discounts.

Discounts can vary by location and company, so it’s important to do some digging and really look into what your insurance company has to offer when it comes to discounts. Your agent at Insurance Town & Country will make sure all available discounts are applied to your policy.  While some discounts are common amongst most car insurance companies, others are unique to specific businesses. We recommend that you review your insurance policy at least once a year to learn about updates and to update your insurance agent on any relevant major life events that may affect your car insurance policy.

Bankrate compiled a list of the 19 most popular discounts for the top 10 insurers in the US. Below are the findings from their research:

  1. Multiple Policies: Discounts for bundling your car insurance policy with other policies
  2. Good Student: Discounts for student drivers who earn good grades
  3. Multi-vehicle: Discounts for insuring more than one vehicle
  4. Anti-Theft: Discounts for installing an anti-theft system for your car, including a car alarm system
  5. Passive Restraint: Discounts for car safety features, including airbags and motorized seat belts
  6. Safe Driver/Accident-Free Driving Record: Discounts for a clean driving record
  7. Full Payment: Discounts for paying your full premium all at once
  8. Billing: Discounts for paperless billing or automatic payments
  9. Distant Student: Discounts for a young driver on a policy attending school far away from home
  10. Low Mileage: Discounts for keeping mileage down (electronic monitoring may be required)
  11. Defensive Driver: Discounts for taking a defensive driving course
  12. Anti-lock Brakes: Discounts for having anti-lock breaks
  13. Loyalty: Discounts for staying with an insurer for a particular length of time
  14. Newer Vehicle: Discounts for vehicles that are under a certain number of years old
  15. Early Signing: Discounts for switching to a new carrier before an old policy expires
  16. Military: Discounts for being in the military
  17. Affinity/Occupation: Discounts for belonging to a certain group or company in a particular field
  18. Daytime Running Lights: Discounts for having a vehicle equipped with daytime running lights
  19. Green Vehicle: Discounts for hybrid or alternative-fuel vehicles

Article Source: Property Casualty 360

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