Memorial Day: Appreciating Our Veterans

Memorial Day can be a day of mixed feelings. On one hand, we are happy; looking around you can see why so many men and women have fought and died to protect the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. Our beautiful parks, the towering skyscrapers, museums filled with art and history, and the ability to freely experience all of it with the ones we love. On another, we swell with appreciation for the members of our armed forces who fight until their last breath to keep our communities safe from not only the threat war, but natural disaster. In the pit of our stomachs is a sadness that reminds us of all of the friends, family, strangers, and acquaintances who have laid their lives down in defense of our country and its people, people like you and I.

We at Insurance Town and Country encourage you to spend today in reflection and appreciation. Participate in one of your local Memorial Day events, and take advantage of the time you have been given and spend it with your family and friends, for today is a tribute to those whom have given it all.

If you need to contact us about an existing plan or are interested in discussing any of our insurance product offerings, we will closed on Memorial Day to spend time with our loved ones, but we will happily be returning phone calls and emails on Tuesday, May 26.

Thank You,

Joan, Jeremy, and the Insurance Town & Country Team

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