What is Inland Marine Insurance and Why Does My Business Need It?

Commercial Inland Marine Insurance is a special business insurance policy that provides additional coverage to your assets when they are not located at your physical business.  This coverage extends to tools, equipment, and products that are lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed at a construction site, in storage, or during transportation.

Let’s say that you have to deliver your products to a client and your delivery vehicle is involved in an accident.  Your Commercial Auto Insurance Policy would help cover the damage to the vehicle and employees, your Worker’s Compensation Insurance would help the injured employees pay their bills while they get back on their feet, but what pays for the damaged product?  If you have a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP), your damaged goods may be covered; however, depending on your policy, your Commercial Property Insurance may not extend to inventory once it leaves your physical location.  Instead, your company’s claim would fall under Inland Marine Insurance coverage.

If your company has valuable assets that are often off-site or in-route to other locations, Inland Marine Insurance may be more than just a policy addition, it might be a policy necessity. Give us a call to review your policy and fill any gaps that may exist in the coverage that you need.  Feel free to contact us at either of our locations:

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