Insurance Dictionary: “Act of God”

You often hear “Act of God” tossed around when describing an insurance claim, but do you really know what qualifies as an “Act of God?”

First of all, “Act of God” is rarely used in actual policy writing. It is more of a saying to describe unavoidable, natural events. Not all insurance companies use the same criteria for what constitutes an “Act of God,” so it is important to ask your insurance agent for the specific circumstances that are included in your policy. That being said, here are some examples of common “Act of God” policy claims.

  • Natural Disasters: Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, avalanches, volcanoes, rockslides, and wildfires are typically covered under the “Act of God” umbrella. These are natural events that cannot be avoided and are not the fault of the policy holder.

Note: Flooding is not listed in this list. Flood Insurance is a completely separate insurance policy. If you are concerned about flood coverage for your home or business, contact an insurance agent to discuss your needs.

  • Weather Damage: Destruction resulting from wind, hail, sleet, snow, heavy rain (again, not flooding), acid rain, or lightning can also be covered in a policy as an “Act of God.” However, some policies DO NOT include this kind of coverage. It is always best to have your insurance agent carefully explain the limitations of your coverage before agreeing purchasing any policy.
  • Individual Incidents of Nature: This kind of “Act of God” related to damage that occurs from a single action from nature, such as a tree falling on your roof, a deer jumping in front of your vehicle, or a bear breaking into your home or business. These incidents typically only impact a single policy holder, but not always. Also, we cannot say it enough, ask your insurance agent specifics about your policy coverage.

Use these examples and ask your agent to give you scenarios of covered damages and damages that are not covered by the policy you are considering. We recommend making a list of questions before you start insurance shopping, so that you can prioritize your needs, create a budget, and find a policy that meets makes you feel adequately protected. If you have any questions or concerns about your policy or need to purchase a new policy, contact us at either of our locations listed below.

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