5 Important Questions to Consider Before Purchasing Car Insurance


With so many companies out there selling car insurance, it can be difficult to determine which company and type of insurance is best suited to fit your unique needs.  You want to make sure that you find the coverage that fits you and your needs at the best price. Before you decide to purchase car insurance, make sure that you ask your agent the following questions:

What kind of coverage do I need?

To start, you need to purchase coverage mandated by your state. At a minimum, Colorado law requires you to have liability insurance, which is coverage for property damage belonging to another person or bodily injury you cause to another person due to negligent operation of your vehicle.

Next, consider if you may need collision insurance, which covers repairs to your car following an accident, or comprehensive insurance, which covers damage to your vehicle for non-accident related incidents.  Another coverage to carefully consider is uninsured/underinsured bodily injury coverage, which will pay for injuries you sustain at the hands of an uninsured/underinsured driver.  You may also want to consider uninsured motorist property damage coverage, which covers the costs of repair to your car if you’re hit by an uninsured driver, or medical payments coverage, which pays for your medical expenses if you are injured in an accident that you cause.

What is my risk assessment?

Insurance companies will normally take into consideration how much of a “risk” you pose to the company, or how likely you are to file an insurance claim, which will then determine the rate they offer you. Things that may determine your “risk” include your age, sex, driving record, criminal record, credit score, and area of residence.

Who does my policy cover?

Once you find the right policy, you’ll also want to take into consideration who the policy covers. This is a question you’ll want to ask your agent before choosing a policy. What if your son or daughter gets in an accident while driving your car? What if one of your friends borrows your car and gets hit by another driver? Every insurer and state handles these situations differently, so be sure you get the answer.

What will my deductible be?

If you get into an accident and file a claim, you’ll be responsible for paying a deductible before your insurance company pays the remaining costs. You can choose to lower your premium by raising your deductible—however, make sure that it isn’t so high that you can’t afford to pay it in the case of an accident. According to the DMV, car insurance deductibles typically range from $100-$1,000.

Which discounts am I eligible for?

Almost all insurers offer discounts, but oftentimes, it is up to you to ask which discounts are offered and how they may apply to you. Insurance companies will usually give discounts for certain safety features your car may have, for a clean driving record, good grades if you are a student, or if you purchase other types of insurance from the same company. In any case, be sure you always ask what you may be eligible for so that you don’t miss out on savings.

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