Commercial Property Insurance Keeps You on Track

Homeowner’s Insurance, Auto Insurance, and Renter’s Insurance, no one questions why these are important. Make sure you have Commercial Property Insurance for your business.

Commercial Property Insurance is vital to protecting your business from being put out of commission if something were to happen to the physical assets used by your business. These assets may include the building or buildings your company owns, the equipment inside and outside of those buildings, any signage that you have, and your inventory. Many Commercial Property Insurance policies can also include additional coverages, like:

Builder’s Risk: protects any materials or equipment from damage or loss sustained during construction or remodeling.

Equipment Breakdown: insures against boiler and machinery damage and covers your business in the event of electrical or pressurized equipment breakdown or loss.

Let’s examine a scenario in which Commercial Property Insurance would prove to be extremely helpful. Let’s say you are a manufacturing company. Lightning strikes the sign outside your building and it falls onto your building, ruining the wall, ceiling, and the machinery in one of your production lines. Fortunately, this happens at night and no one is injured, however, because it is a storm, rain gets in through the hole and damages 2 of your forklifts and some of your inventory.

In this situation, a properly written Commercial Property Insurance policy would cover the damage to the sign, the building, the machinery, the forklifts, and the inventory. Once repairs begin, this policy will also cover any damage that happens as a result of the construction, such as additional inventory or machinery getting damaged because of dust. If you combine this policy with “Business Income Insurance” AKA “Business Interruption Insurance,” you will still receive a percent of the lost revenue that is a result of not being able to continue your manufacturing operations as a result of the incident and/or the construction that followed.

If you have any questions about Commercial Property Insurance or any other business insurance policies, please contact us at either of our locations. As a small business, we are committed to providing prompt and knowledgeable service while maintaining a personal relationship with each of our clients.

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