MWBE Enterprises was established in 1998 is to assist Women-owned businesses and Minority-owned businesses in successfully achieving either Women’s Business Enterprise certification (WBE), Minority Business Enterprises certification (MBE), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certification, 8a and or SDB designation.

MWBE Enterprises is a for-profit, professional consulting firm. Our primary, consultative practice is to assist Women and Minority-owned companies in the preparation of MBE, WBE, DBE, 8(a) and SBE applications and to provide strategic marketing services once certified. Obtaining certification is only the first step in one of many. Once certified, we also develop our client’s ability to successfully obtain new business from Corporate Supplier Diversity Programs and in the Public Sector Procurement arena.

Since MWBE Enterprises inception we have successfully assisted over 400 Women & Minority Business Owners in achieving certification. In that time period we have only posted 2 declines against our record. Consider that the national average is three out of four companies fail to obtain certification even though they many qualify. Given those statistics, we are proud of our industry track record.

What determines our success? Our methodology is simple and straightforward; we only accept clients that MWBE Enterprises determines are eligible for certification. Prior to offering our services and establishing any pricing structure, we require every potential client to participate in an in-depth, Eligibility Analysis. There is a small fee for this service which can later be applied later to future consulting fees.

If you are contemplating applying for either Women and/or Minority-owned business certification consider the following: do you have the time to gain the necessary expertise needed to complete a successful WBE, MBE, DBE or 8a Business Certification? If you are seeking an experienced professional to determine your company’s eligibility with accuracy, assist you with obtaining a successful Women and/or Minority-owned business certification and then introduce you to new business…? Then search no longer. Please call our offices at (800) 933‑9664 ext. 111 to schedule an Eligibility Analysis or to learn more about our consultative and marketing services.

For those individuals who wish to apply for certification with out professional assistance, we also offer an “Insider How-To Guide to Women and Minority Owned Business Certification” which is available for purchase. If you would like to order this guide online, please click here.