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Car Rental 101

We’ve all been there. Standing at the counter, keys in hand, ready to sign off on your rental car and begin the next leg of your journey, but then you hear it…

Would you like to purchase insurance with your rental car today?”

How do you respond? Do you absolutely need the insurance? What’s the worst that could happen? Here are a few quick tips to help you through this decision.

  • Check with Insurance Town & Country before you leave for your trip. Your current automotive insurance might already have you covered through your liability and physical damage coverage. Save time, money and the hassle of determining whether or not you need the additional coverage.
  • Ask your credit card company. Depending on the credit card you have, you might have free rental insurance included. Situations vary, but it can’t hurt to ask!
  • If you do decide to purchase the insurance offered, be sure you know what is covered. Keep a copy of your paperwork handy, and make a point of reading the fine print. Purchasing the insurance without knowing the coverage is just as bad as needing the rental insurance and not having it.

Follow these few steps, and be confident the next time you are at the rental car counter.

Call Insurance Town & Country today and speak with one of our insurance professionals. Let us help you chose the auto insurance that suits your vehicle, new or used! We have offices in Denver (303–388-7216) and Castle Rock (303–688-1251).  Call us today to schedule your consultation!

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    The Importance of Additional Commercial Liability

    You may have Commercial General Liability Insurance, but is it the right insurance?
    Is it enough?

    Keeping your business protected is a constant battle in today’s vicious lawsuit happy culture.  Your current Commercial General Liability Insurance probably protects your business when incidents happen as a direct result of your regular operations.  However, there are many situations that may require additional commercial liability policies.  This article will cover three of the additional commercial liability policies most frequently needed by small businesses.

    • Liquor Liability includes covering damages and injuries in which your business is held legally responsible as a result of serving liquor. This kind of liability coverage is traditionally associated with bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, but legal responsibility extends to many businesses outside of those industries.  If your company holds a celebration at which liquor is served, your company may be held liable for damages incurred at the party, as well as if an individual is overserved and causes a car accident as a result of intoxicated driving.
    • Concession Liability insures your special event stand, booth, or display from damage, accidents, or accidental injuries sustained to pedestrians. If your company participates tradeshows, local festivals, or any other special event, you should consider investing in concession liability insurance.  Without this type of policy addition, your company could be responsible for paying medical bills and covering the cost of property damage to others and yourself in the event that your company’s event stand causes or incurs damages or injury.
    • Foreign Liability protects your company’s employees in the event of injury, damages, and lawsuits during out-of-country business trips. If your company requires international travel of any kind, its employees may not be familiar with the laws, customs, and even design of foreign countries, possibly increasing the likelihood of an incident.  It is important to ensure that your commercial liability policy coverage extends to protect your employees and assets in the event that something happens, such as an employee injuring themselves and damaging a company laptop by plugging in the American charger into a British electrical plug.

    It is important to remember that there are several more types of liability coverages, so it’s important to speak directly with an Insurance Town and Country Commercial Insurance Specialist about the specific needs of your business.  If you are concerned that there may be gaps in your company’s liability coverage, give us a call at 303–388-7216, shoot us an email at, or request a quote online.  Let our Commercial Insurance Specialists work with you to find the policies that your business needs.