Smoking Marijuana Affects Insurance Rates

The week of 4/20 is a very popular time here in Colorado. We at Insurance Town & Country want to ensure that our customers make good decisions.  Whether you are a company providing insurance to your employees or an individual updating your various insurance policies, you are probably curious to know how your insurance may be affected if you or someone covered by one of your policies smokes pot.

Let us begin by saying that every situation is different and we highly recommend that you contact us with questions, so that we can provide answers that are accurate to your unique circumstance.  There are of dozens insurance providers that offer hundreds of policies, each of which have specific requirements; however, we can provide some over-arching themes for our customers who do engage in marijuana usage.

  • Always answer your insurance form honestly. If your insurance company is unaware of your marijuana usage, you claims may be rejected if THC is found in a blood or urine sample.  As the agent, we can write a letter to the underwriter explaining your situation, possibly improving the likelihood of your policy getting accepted.
  • Never be under the influence of marijuana (or any other drug, including alcohol) while at work. If you are injured on the job, your Workman’s Compensation claim is extremely likely to be rejected if any proof of intoxication is discovered.
  • Marijuana usage will not necessarily result in an automatic rejection of an insurance policy.
  • Regardless of whether your marijuana usage is medical or recreational, many (but not all) life insurance providers will give you “Cigarette Smoker’s Rates,” which are significantly higher than “Non-Smoker Rates.”
  • If you own a company, it is important to keep your employees notified of your company’s drug policy and the restrictions of your company’s insurance.
  • Driving high is a DUI. Never smoke marijuana and get behind the wheel. Not only is it illegal and dangerous, but your insurance company can (and probably will) either drop you as a carrier or drastically raise your insurance rates.

Every situation is unique, so it’s important to speak directly with an Insurance Town and Country Insurance Specialist about how you can protect yourself, your company, and your employees.  Give us a call at 303–388-7216 or shoot us an email at so that we can more accurately answer your specific questions.